This ingredient is now on the market has also been added by major brands to anti-aging, whitening, light spot based skin care products, it is the beauty industry’s new darling – glutathione!

I believe that many small partners who are keen on doing various medical beauty projects know “whitening needles”, then you know what is one of the main ingredients of “whitening needles”?

What is glutathione?

Glutathione is a tripeptide containing gamma-amide bonds and sulfhydryl groups, consisting of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine.

It’s present in almost every cell of the body. Glutathione can exist in oxidized form (GSSG) and reduced form (GSH), and the two can be converted into each other.

It is widely distributed in the organization, and most of it exists in reductive form.

Reduced glutathione plays an important role in maintaining the activity of sulfhydrase and the stability of erythrocyte membrane.

It can also participate in the absorption of amino acids in the small intestine and the reabsorption of amino acids by renal tubules.

The sulfhydryl group of cysteine residues is an essential gene for some enzymes.

The dithiol bond of cystine residues is an important binding bond in insulin, vasopressin, oxytocin and immunoglobulin.

When certain poisonings occur, chemical genes in these molecules can be altered to cause their activity to change or lose.

Therefore, glutathione plays a certain role in the process of biological oxidation, amino acid transport, detoxification of poisons and protection of hemoglobin.

In addition, glutathione actually a commonly used ingredient in whitening needles, which can effectively solve some skin problems.

DSW contained in the whitening needle can inhibit cell oxidation, quickly decompose the melanin and yellow pigment of human skin, repair damaged cells, supplement and activate the whitening factor to renew the cells of the whole body’s whitening factor, so as to effectively solve a variety of skin problems.

Current studies have also shown that glutathione can prevent skin stains by affecting tyrosinase activity in skin cells and inhibiting melanin production.

In addition, it also has an antioxidant effect, which can clear free radicals in the body, accelerate cell metabolism, and promote the formation of new cells.

At the same time, it can protect liver cells, accelerate the degradation of toxic substances such as heavy metals or organic solvents in the body, so as to play the effect of detoxification and beauty.

Glutathione whitening principle

Studies have shown that glutathione can interfere with the synthesis of melanin, the mechanism mainly includes:

Directly inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, while cleaning up a large number of oxidizing free radicals, prevent free radicals from activating tyrosinase, it can also hydrolyze into cysteine, interfere with melanin synthesis, thus inhibiting melanin precipitation, regulating skin, playing a role in whitening and lightening spots.

Indirectly mediates the switching mechanism from eumelanin to phaeomelanin production:

There are two forms of human skin melanin: eumelanin and fusomelanin.

When true melanin synthesis increases and phaeomelanin synthesis decreases, the skin color darkens.

On the contrary, the skin becomes white and lightened.

Glutathione is the main cysteine storehouse, and increased cysteine levels can lead to a switch from eumelanin production to fusomelanin production.

Free radicals can activate tyrosinase, and glutathione, as the body’s most powerful endogenous antioxidant, can remove free radicals and inhibit tyrosinase activation.

The efficacy of glutathione

Light spot, remove spot, wrinkle

Melanin precipitation is an important cause of skin spots, glutathione fully inhibits the production of melanin,

decomposing existing melanin, preventing the formation of melanin precipitation, fully fighting melanin,

so as to prevent the production of spots, and gradually remove the original spots.

Enhance skin elasticity

Continuous glutathione supplementation can provide a good growth environment for new muscle cells.

Therefore, the proportion of new muscle cells in the skin epidermis cells increases,

which has a good comprehensive hydration and moisturizing effect, making muscle cells healthier.

After drinking enough water, the skin will get rid of the yellow gas and become more smooth and elastic.

Comprehensive anti-aging

Glutathione can effectively delay cell senescence and accelerate cell regeneration.

Glutathione fights and destroys free radicals that can cause premature aging before they cause health damage.

Thereby delaying the aging process of the entire human body.

Supplementation of glutathione can increase or promote the secretion of human growth hormone (interleukin),

which can regulate and slow the shortening of telomeres, prolong cell life, and effectively anti-aging.


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