Glutathione molecular structure formulaGlutathione molecular structure formula

Some people say that large doses of vitamin C will deplete glutathione. Is that really the case?

Based on existing studies, high-dose vitamin C supplements do not appear to cause glutathione deficiency.

Don’t listen to these “pat on the head” experts

In fact, vitamin C and glutathione seem to work together to enhance antioxidant protection in the body:

1/ Vitamin C supplements have been shown to increase GSH levels in the body.

Studies have found that vitamin C supplements can increase plasma glutathione levels and enhance protective antioxidant effects in the blood.

2/ Studies have shown that vitamin C helps regenerate GSH by converting oxidized glutathione back into its active form.

This REDOX cycle between vitamin C and GSH enhances their antioxidant capacity.

3/ In one study, adults who took 500-1000 mg of vitamin C daily had an 18% increase in glutathione levels in their white blood cells over 13 weeks.

4/ Another study found that supplementation with 500 mg of vitamin C per day increased GSH in red blood cells by 47%.

5/ Vitamin C also appears to play an important antioxidant role in cells that contain high levels of GSH.

Studies have shown that vitamin C enhances glutathione recovery after oxidative stress, thereby improving cell survival potential.

6/ Studies have found that normal physiological concentrations of intracellular and extracellular vitamin C together with GSH provide comprehensive antioxidant protection.

High doses of vitamin C do not appear to cause deficiencies,

but instead support and enhance glutathione function in the body.

The two antioxidants appear to have a cooperative relationship, with vitamin C helping to maintain and recycle glutathione levels.

It is important to note that very high doses of any supplement should be taken under the supervision of a doctor, as other potential side effects unrelated to GSH levels may occur.

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