So who is suitable for NMN?So who is suitable for NMN?

Since the world famous scientific journals CELL Metabolism, NATURE and SCIENCE reported on the study of NMN, NMN has gradually become the focus of attention.

As we all know, the use of NMN has been confirmed by a large number of clinical data, and it is the current anti-aging choice.

So who is suitable for NMN?

What happens to the body after taking NMN?

1. Older people who need to prevent and relieve neurodegenerative diseases

NMN can repair DNA and help modify various age-related diseases.

Studies believe that axis mutation is the cause of neurodegenerative diseases (such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease), through the consumption of β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, can reduce brain cell death and oxidative stress, protect the nervous system, restore cognitive ability, improve cognitive impairment.

2. Middle-aged and older people who need anti-aging

In addition to slowing down aging, NMN can also resolve or alleviate a variety of sub-health problems, such as chronic fatigue, poor sleep, vision loss, etc.

As a direct prerequisite for “anti-aging factor” coenzyme I (NAD+), NMN can restore the level of NAD+, activate longevity protein Sirtuins, maintain normal gene expression, improve energy metabolism disorders induced by mitochondrial inhibitors, maintain cell youth and vitality, and prevent physiological aging brought by age.

3. Men or women who need to reverse their age

NMN can keep skin healthy, delay skin aging, reduce wrinkles and dullness, and make it whiter and clearer.

NMN can revitalize cells, improve skin’s self-repair ability, activate basal cell mitochondrial function, accelerate skin metabolism, promote melanin decomposition and basal cell mitosis, and make skin more white, translucent, soft and delicate.

4. Women who need to restore their fertility

Aging of oocytes in women can seriously impair follicle development and affect ovulation rates, resulting in reduced fertility. Consumption of NMN can greatly reduce the dysfunction of oocytes, thereby enhancing the quality of oocytes and promoting the recovery of fertility.

5. Drinkers who need to cure their liver

NMN can promote alcohol metabolism and protect liver. Moreover, it can repair the genes damaged by acetaldehyde toxicity and enhance the body’s tolerance to alcohol.

6. Patients with chronic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

NMN can significantly increase the level of cardiac NAD+, repair cardio-cerebrovascular regeneration, and protect the heart from I/R damage;

Ameliorate age-induced cerebral vascular endothelial dysfunction and neurovascular coupling (NVC) response;

Reduce vascular oxidative stress, restore the aorta to normal, and help reduce myocardial inflammation.

7. People with diabetes

NMN can improve insulin sensitivity, and the recovery of cell vitality also helps sugar metabolism. Consumption of NMN can effectively intervene in type 2 diabetes caused by long-term high-calorie diet and aging.

8. People who stay up late or have trouble sleeping

Supplementing β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide to increase the content of NAD+ can improve the level of SIRT1, regulate the biological clock, and restore the normal circadian rhythm; Can reduce insomnia and dreaminess, improve sleep quality, improve endocrine and so on.

9. People who need to protect their eyesight and hearing

NMN improves the level of NAD+, can save retinal disorders, prevent photoreceptor cell degeneration and restore vision; Increase the amount of NAD + in ear neurons and tissues to provide protection against trauma-induced hearing damage.

10. People who are stressed or depressed

Consumption of NMN can increase dopamine levels, improve mood, increase blood supply to the brain, alleviate brain decline caused by depression, improve stress resistance, and keep a clear mind.

In short, NMN is suitable for a wide range of people, and most people can play a corresponding improvement role by consuming β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide products.

What happens to the body after taking NMN?

The following are 10 changes in the body of consumers after eating NMN for reference:

1. Sleep changes dramatically

The mental state of the body has been greatly changed after taking NMN, because NMN can repair the body’s nervous armature system. When people are very tired or excited every day, they can get a good state by taking NMN, and the quality of sleep has also been greatly changed.

2. Weight changes

Weight will change, just after taking NMN will produce hunger, because hunger is most people need to experience, because the body metabolism is accelerated, hunger will be particularly obvious, this time will lead to a large amount of food intake ~, weight will also have a great increase.

However, after 2 months of adjustment, the weight will return to a normal balance period, and the body weight will tend to stabilize.

3. Changes in strength and endurance

Changes in strength and endurance After taking NMN for 2 months there will be a significant increase in strength, consumers can feel this change in strength resistance through the feeling of grip strength, pull-ups or climbing running exercise.

4. Chronic diseases improve or even disappear

Chronic diseases will improve or even disappear after taking about 2 months, high blood pressure, vision degradation, gout, three high, bone joint, nerve and other problems will be relieved, and mild symptoms may disappear.

5. Changes in body shape

Changes in body shape After adhering to NMN, the shape of the body will also have great changes, such as the relaxed state of the skin, wrinkles will fade or disappear, and the outline of the skin will be tight

6. Immunity is greatly improved

The obvious feeling is that the probability of daily colds and fever is reduced, which is because taking NMN can be greatly improved, and the resistance in the body will be more obvious.

7. Your body gets stronger

The constitution will become stronger meaning that NMN can enhance the body’s constitution after taking,

and people with the original weak constitution will become stronger.

In particular, after taking NMN for a period of time, the back meridian pain has been basically eliminated,

and the situation that used to be often cold and fever has disappeared.

8. Increased reproductive function

Reproductive function enhanced NMN has an improvement effect on female ovaries and fertility,

helps to improve male sperm quality, and enhances sexual function.

However, NMN is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

9. Improve blood pressure

If parents and elders in the family have high blood pressure, it suggested that NMN can well improved by taking NMN, because NMN can supplement NAD+,

inhibit and reverse atherosclerosis, enable foam cells to gradually restore smooth muscle cells of blood vessels,

restore blood elasticity, prevent thrombosis through anti-inflammatory effect, and expand blood volume. To stabilize blood pressure.

10. Your mood improves

Living in NMN can improve NAMPT enzyme activity, promote the production of NAD+,

improve energy metabolism and mitochondrial function, thereby reducing depression and negative behaviors, and will make people feel better. There is also a psychological factor, when a person restores health, youth and vitality, his mood will also improve.


Sum up

Most of the ordinary MNM a chemical extraction process,

which widely used and indeed reduces the cost, but it is difficult to avoid chemical residues,

which will increase the complexity of formation in the conversion process of NAD+ and reduce the use effect. Long-term accumulation of large amounts of chemical residue also carries many uncertain health risks.

GSHWORLD NMN adopts a very difficult fermentation method + biological enzyme method to imitate the working process of catalytic enzymes in the human body to produce NMN.

Although the process is complex, time-consuming and labor-intensive, the output is small,

but it ensures green and excellent production without chemical residue.


The purity of GSHWORLD NMN is up to 99.99%, the content is 32,000 mg, 80 capsules per bottle, 1 capsule containing 400mgNMN only 1 capsule per day, enough for 80 days. This means that it only costs a few hundred yuan per month, which is very cost-effective.

Products produced in GMP certified factory, FDA certification, SGS certification, COO certificate of origin in the United States, international authoritative certification,

genuine products guaranteed, from raw materials to shipment have gone through strict quality management.

In order to provide a high quality, safe product, they adopted an anti-acid enteric-soluble capsule design to ensure that NMN can reach the intestine smoothly for efficient delivery.

GSHWORLD NMN belongs to our own endogenous substances that can synthesized by the body or can ingested with better content like avocados and cauliflower.

Gshworld NMN is not a foreign synthetic chemical, and is an important substance indispensable for maintaining life activities. After taking NMN for a period of time, NAD+ will accumulate to a high level.

After stopping the drug, the level of NAD+ does not drop immediately, and the body will metabolize from this higher metabolic level and then gradually develop in accordance with the normal aging process.

Therefore, you will not rely on it, and you can continue to supplement when you feel poor energy and want to fight aging.


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