Combination of tranexamic acid and glutathione for the treatment of melasmaCombination of tranexamic acid and glutathione for the treatment of melasma

Tranexamic acid and glutathione

Melasma, also known as “liver spot” and “iris spot”, is a skin pigmentation spot, easy to relapse, prone to middle-aged women, seriously disturbed people seeking beauty, treatment with oral and topical drugs, laser treatment as a supplement, external tranexamic acid combined with glutathione treatment of melasma has significant effects, the specific methods are as follows

Glutathione basic information

Reduced glutathione

Specification: 0.6g*10 bottles/box

Properties: white powder

Function: Clinical often used to treat liver disease, as an antidote; It a powerful antioxidant used in the medical and beauty industry to whiten and fade melasma

Tranexamic acid inj

Tranexamic acid inj

Specification: 5ml*5 PCS/box

Properties: Transparent liquid

Function: Also known as “hemostatic cyclic acid” or “transming acid”, it often used for postoperative hemostasis in clinical practice, and used to treat melasma or whitening in the medical beauty industry

Treatment methods of melasma: water and light method, intravenous infusion, oral, wet compress method

Glutathione treatment of melasma water light method:


  • 1, a bottle of reduced glutathione (0.6g)
  • 2, One tranexamic acid injection (5ml)
  • 3, 1 bottle of sodium chloride injection (unlimited specifications)

Recommended water and light solution ratio method:

0.6g glutathione +5ml tranexamic acid

(For sensitive skin, add another bottle of 3ml basic water light or 3ml sodium chloride injection ratio)

Operation method:

1, local application of surface hemp, disinfection, normal saline cleaning disinfectant

2, microneedle: 0.5mm microneedle or needle rolling into 2.5ml prepared water and light solution, even strength rolling, in the treatment area skin flushing or slight bleeding point is appropriate.

3, Hand injection: 32G/34G sharp needle intradermal injection, interval 0.5cm, single point 0.05mL, local injection solution 2.5ml

4, 2.5ml injected into microneedles, 2.5ml injected into local hand needle, and the total amount was less than 5ml; The injection given every two weeks, and the treatment cycle is 3 months

5, postoperative medical repair cold compress for 30 minutes, 24 hours do not touch water, medical mask for 7 days, do a good job of moisturizing, strict sun protection, avoid food, pay attention to rest

Note: This matching method limited to the area of melasma lesions, and not performed on normal skin or during the active stage of melasma. Due to the stimulation of the liquid itself or the physical stimulation operation will be red and swollen, which is a temporary phenomenon;

Intravenous infusion method:


★ Group 1:2 reduced glutathione (1.2g) +VC injection 5g+250ml 5% glucose solution

★ Group 2: tranexamic acid injection 0.25g+250ml 5% glucose solution

Methods: Intravenous infusion twice a week for 8 weeks.

(Patients with diabetes can replace 5% glucose with 0.9% sodium chloride injection 250ml; Stop the drug during menstruation, and those with large menstrual volume do not need to stop the drug)

Oral method:

Oral tranexamic acid tablet, 0.25g/ tablet, twice a day

Reduced glutathione tablet, 0.3g/ tablet, 3 times/day

Course of treatment: 1 month is 1 course of treatment, and appropriate extension of treatment for patients with insignificant curative effect

Wet compress method:

A bottle of reduced glutathione 0.6g+ a tranexamic acid injection 5ml ratio prepared for use. The solution soaked in gauze and applied to the melasma skin area for 15 minutes a day to properly moisturize the skin

Note: Wet compress should be applied after barrier repair

★ The above methods suggest that water-light acupuncture combined with intravenous drip has the best effect, and if intravenous drip is inconvenient, oral method combined with water-light treatment can replaced, the effect is lower than that of intravenous infusion combined with water-light treatment;

Effect: (water light + intravenous) > (water light + oral) > greater than (wet compress + oral)

★ Can also be combined with laser assisted treatment;

Due to the slow treatment process of melasma, many beauty seekers will give up halfway,

it recommended to treat according to the course of treatment;

★ Melasma prone to recurrence, treatment to meet expectations,

should be strict sunscreen, to prevent recurrence, prevention is greater than treatment


  • 1, Prohibited operation during pregnancy, lactation and pregnancy
  • 2, the intended operation of the skin ulceration, damage, infected persons prohibited operation
  • 3, the body is in the infection period do not operate, such as viral cold
  • 4, within the past 3 months to receive laser, chemical stripping, or oral administration of other light spot drugs prohibited operation
  • 5, the skin has been exposed to sun within the past 2 months, and do not pay attention to the sun protection is prohibited
  • 6, there is a tendency to clotting prohibited operation
  • 7, Patients with previous history of thrombosis, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, and cerebral ischemia are prohibited from performing the operation
  • 8, can not adhere to the completion of the entire treatment process prohibited operation
  • 9, Exercise caution during menstruation
  • 10, Persons with immune diseases, mental diseases and other infectious diseases are prohibited from operation

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