Bulk NMN Powder


Bulk NMN Powder

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CAS NO.: 1094-61-7
Quantity: In Stock
Application: NMN, API, Intermediate, Health care products, Cosmetic products
Formula: C11H15N2O8P
Storage condition: Store in cool place and keep container away from sunlight
Samples: 1 kg(Min.Order)
Certificates: ISO9001, Kosher, Halal, FDA.
Specification: NLT 99%

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Welcome to GSHWORLD’s NMN supplier website, GSHWORLD is committed to providing the highest quality NMN products to help you achieve a healthy and long life. GSHWORLD is the world’s top raw material supplier for NMN. Its products undergo strict quality control in the factory to ensure the stability and effectiveness of each batch of products. GSHWORLD also uses unique formula and encapsulation technology to maintain the best stability and activity of NMN at room temperature.

As a professional NMN supplier, GSHWORLD provides NMN products in various specifications to meet the needs of different groups of people. At the same time, GSHWORLD also provides professional health consulting services to help you better understand and use NMN products. Please feel free to choose GSHWORLD’s NMN suppliers.
Product Application Suggestion, Liquid Health, Supplements/Beverages, Low Density/Easily Dissolved. Tablet Pills/Candies, Low Density, Uniform Appearance. Filling capsules, high density, good flow.

Product name  β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide nmn powder
CAS No. 1094-61-7
Appearance White or almost white powder
Purity(HPLC) NLT 99%
Heavy metals Not more than 10 ppm
Loss on drying Not more than 1%
Packing 20kg/drum or customized
Shelf life 2 Years
Storage Store in cool place and keep container
Trademark GSH WORLD
Origin China
HS Code 2934999099
Production Capacity 450 Ton/Year
Formula C11H15N2O8P
pH value of solution 2~3
Factory Factory Outlet
Production Process Enzymatic Method
Customization Available

R & D Center GSH BIO-TECH.
Production Line GSH BIO-TECH.

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